About Us

Let us introduce ourselves!

Let us put our faces to our names, we are sisters Susie & Becca. We came up with the idea of Le Grá during the first lockdown in 2020, while Susie was furloughed from her job as Cabin Crew. Becca has used her creative skills from her experiences studying film production in college to bring to life our labels & social media platforms to give a creative flair to the Le Grá name.

We wanted to create beautiful smelling candles which are eco friendly while remaining budget friendly & using top end fragrances. We feel we have achieved this! In 2022, we want to expand the Le Grá name with the introduction of new products, these products will follow our initiative of using eco-friendly and vegan products. Watch this space, as we're only getting started on our Le Grá journey. 

Le Grá ☘️